Your first visit


First visits should arrive 10 minutes prior to treatment to allow time in arranging patient history forms.

Your session is a time for you to relax. Services such as water, tea and music is also provided to assist in your treatment.

Reschedule policy: 
It is appreciated that a 24 hour notice is provided for cancellation. A fee of $15 may be charged for failure to attend booked appointments. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment - so that an alternative time can be made.

Dress code applies 
It is recommended that patients wear comfortable clothing. Patients are professionally draped in towels to appropriately maintain privacy - under garments are required.


Water and tea is available

Hot water is available and lemon ginger tea can be provided.


Music is provided during treatment

A selection of music is played in the background to help patients relax during treatment.


Privacy is professionally maintained

Comfortable clothing is recommended, patients are professionally draped in towels to maintain privacy. Under garments are required.


Your session is a time for you to relax

I am dedicated in maintaining an environment to help you relax and get the best out of your treatment.